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I am Dutch and if I tell a non-Dutch person, I get a response of wooden shoes, windmills and tulips. Some add pot to this, but usually that's it. But did you know that the telescope was invented by a Dutchman? It is not certain who it was. There were two eyewear makers from Middelburg who were each other's competitors, Sacharias Jansen and Hans Lipperhey. Lipperhey applied for a patent in 1608, but because it was easy to copy, the application was rejected. However, rumor has it that Lipperhey stole the design from Jansen, who was at a trade fair in Germany at the same time with a telescope. A few days after Lipperhey had applied for his patent, Jacob Adriaanszoon Metius from Alkmaar also filed for a patent. This was also rejected. Who was actually the first is unknown, only that it was a Dutchman.
The Italian inventor Galileo Galilei built an improved version in 1609 and studied various celestial objects with it, which led to a revolution in the world view.
I made this model from a design by Jeremy Love ( Of course I asked for permission. My intention was to improve my Blender and Substance Painter skills and to see how I could assign metarials in Substance Painter to a Blender model.
I found out that I need to do a cleaner job on my modeling, UV unwrapping and practice a lot more in Substance painter. But for the first time, I am not completely dissatisfied.